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Telescoping Birdhouse Pole

Looking for a Telescoping birdhouse pole? You'll grove on this white 15 house and products pole! It's beneficial for your customers and adding some caste to your page.

Birdhouse Pole Mount

This is a birdhouse Pole mount that uses a flange on one end to hold the Pole while you connect the other end to the hole in the head of the pole, no need to worry about getting the right position for the Pole while it's connected to the flange. This heavy-duty 3-section Telescoping Pole is top-of-the-line for keeping your bird in one spot all season long, this Pole is in like manner facile to operate with just one hand. This Pole is top-grade for keeping your bird in one spot all season long, the mounting birdhouse on a Pole is first-class for storing or hiding birds from predators. It can be easily converted to a permanent location for your bird, when needed, this heavy-duty bird house imparts three thick, self-adjusting metal poles for stability. It's practical for cooped-up birds, or anyone who needs to leave the property of their birdhouse, this is a beautiful, strong and sturdy aluminum square that is first-rate for storing your birdhouses. The white color is very attractive, and they are sure to last long in the market, this is a top-rated substitute for shoppers who are hunting for a good wanting and lasting structure for their birdhouse.