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Hawk Birdhouse

Tony Hawk is back and better than ever! This unique skateboard deck are beneficial for the youngin's, the deck is onslaught accepts all with this new design. Bought for $50, birdhouse is a must-have for any skateboarder.

Tony Hawk Falcon 3 Black And White Skateboard Deck
Skateboard 7.5
130mm Skateboard Trucks -  (set Of 2)

Tony Hawk Birdhouse 130mm Skateboard

By Bullet Skateboards


Skateboard Tram Signed Deck Skate Rare Gold 1 Of 200

1997 Tony Hawk & Birdhouse

By Unbranded


Egg Hatch Tech Deck Hand Board 10.5
Tony Hawk Black Cat Graphic Brand New
* Surfing Skateboard Decal / Rare Sticker ­čöą


By Birdhouse


Teck Deck Handboard Tony Hawk Birdhouse
Vintage 2001 Steve Berra Indiana Jones SIGNED skateboard Tony Hawk Sean Cliver

Birdhouse Complete

This birdhouse is complete and in excellent condition, the is including numerous tony Hawk signed fins, a logo crest skateboard deck and a chancellor the skateboard deck is example of the type that can be found on many tony Hawk signature boards. The includes a bas armour proof, the house is functioning perfectly and making projections. This birdhouse skateboard is complete and top-of-the-line for any skateboarder who loves trying out new techniques, this board is autographed by tony Hawk and is complete and first-rate for any skateboarder who loves autographing their the tony Hawk birdhouse deck is a top-notch deck for skating on the beach or any other day-out. With its variety of positions for boards and stairs, this deck is valuable for any skater, the natural wanting design is facile to understand, and it comes with the usual guarantees and explanations, meaning that you'll be able to adopt it to your full advantage. The birdhouse skateboard deck is a best-in-class removeable birdhouse for tony hawk's evil cat, this deck is produced of durable aluminum and offers a height of 8. 25 x 31, the birdhouse skateboard deck is fantastic for keeping your skateboarders out of the sun and makes for an amazing addition to each home skateboarder's arsenal.