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Decorating Birdhouse Gourds

Looking to decorate your home with some fresh gourds? Look no further than these gourds! They are soft, green, and make a great addition to your decor, they are also free shipping, so you can get them as soon as possible.

Decorating Birdhouse Gourds Amazon

This simple birdhouse gourd was designed as a simple way to ornament his home with some clean retribution, the gourd is from dried rice and bird houses primitive crafts. This is a simple birdhouse made from a large gourd, it is dried and cleanable too. Make your own at home by growing your own vegetables in your backyard, enjoy your birdhouse and enjoy the view from your home. This is a large 15-bottle gourd dried this is a large 15-bottle gourd dried you can see the bird house peak in the image, this is a level 2 picture, which means it is a picture that is higher up than the others. This one is from a level 1 picture, this simple birdhouse gourd is adorned with small, fresh Gourds that were dryer than usual. The gourd is set in an old-fashioned bottle and has a few dings around it, the gourd is finished with a small, fresh rock crystal.