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Birdhouse Skateboards

The birdhouse Skateboards is back with a new limited edition shape! This boards is produced with a signed and numbered 90 s skateboard in the form of a bird, it is available for purchase at the birdhouse Skateboards store.

Tony Hawk Falcon 3 Black And White Skateboard Deck
Tony Hawk Falcon 3 Skateboard Deck
Vintage 90's Independent Trucks T Shirt Skateboarding Skate Santa Cruz Birdhouse

Vintage 90's Independent Trucks T

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Birdhouse Decks

This deck is for the octopus birdhouse type skateboard, it is 8. 5 x32 in and offers 2 x2 mortise and tenor screws on each side, there is a-hole in the center for a key to put an occupations card or other object. The deck is likewise art you can use as a place to relax or work on your skateboard skills, the tony hawk birdhouse is an amazing skateboard deck that you can use for just about anything! It offers a horizontal 8. 25 x 31, 5 design that makes it first-rate for playing with kids or playing in the backyard. The birdhouse also extends a set of skates that can be used for fun agility activities or just for protection, the birdhouse reaper 3 skateboard deck is a premium board deck made out of durable hardwood with a stylish birdhouse design. This deck is top-of-the-line for lovers who grove on to play skateboarding, with two skated areas, it provides an extra level of stability on your board deck. The birdhouse reaper 3 as well a fantastic deck for suitors who desiderate to skate without any help from your feet, the hardwood construction means that this deck is good for all types of looking for a fun and sturdy substitute to keep your skateboard in good condition? This birdhouse-style deck armanto is exquisite for doing just that! With 8. 5 x32 grip areas, this board armanto can keep your skateboard in good condition with ease, if you're wanting for a product that will help you achieve the same goal, then look no further.