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Birdhouse Mounting Plate

The birdhouse Mounting bracket is prime for birdhouses! It bolts to the bottom of your post and keeps your post from rotate.

Birdhouse Bracket

This birdhouse bracket is dandy for or birdhouses, it is adjustable to suit most cages or bird houses and provides a t- posts for security. The 3 packs make it facile to find the right bracket for your bird house, how to mount a birdhouse:. First, remove the existing Mounting Plate for the vtg silver metal goose, second, remove the two screws that hold the vtg silver metal goose to the wall. Third, remove the screws that hold the vtg silver metal goose to the birdhouse, fourth, nail in the vtg silver metal goose, the bird's wings, and other features. Finally, mount the birdhouse to the wall using the two screws that were used to remove the Mounting plate, this 3 34 l birdhouse Mounting hardware is top-of-the-heap for your mascots! It's made of silver-plated copper and presents a gold-plated hummingbird flowers swarovski crystals. It's a practical addition to your up and looks great! How to attached birdhouse to post: to attach a birdhouse to a post, you will need to cut a post-level out of at least 2-in-one wood, on top of the wood, use a level to create a line for the birdhouse. Then, use a level to create a camber for the birdhouse, finally, use a drill to the birdhouse. To attach the birdhouse to the post, first make sure it is wet before it to the wood, once it is attached, make sure the post is so wet that it is starting to lose its shape. Once it is, i would open the post and use a wood glue or a wood screws to secure the birdhouse.