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Birdhouse Mounting Bracket

The erva tool bird house Mounting Bracket with keyhole openings is a sterling substitute to increase your bird house's height and protect your investment, this Bracket comes with an adjustable screwdriver, so you can fit it to your bird house in any way you like. It also renders a comfortable design and easy-to-use controls, making it a top-of-the-heap way for and engineers.

Birdhouse Hanger Bracket

This audubon birdhouse hanger Bracket is a practical alternative to keep your feeder in top condition! The Bracket is fabricated of 4 x4 steel and is mountable to a lot of different trees and plants, it provides a sturdy and is a top-notch addition to your bird house! This birdhouse is a terrific addition to your post Mounting bracket. It can be placed in the ground or inverted and used as a bird feeder, it is manufactured of sturdy plastic and renders a t-post mount. The pack of three makes it a quick and uncomplicated alternative to get a birdhouse in the ground, this birdhouse is a peerless addition to your fence line and can be a place for your birds to sit and relax. It's made of sturdy metal and presents a large opening for jack canaries to come in and out, when not in use, the birdhouse can be closed with a key ring. This tool is designed to remove birdhouse fence roots and allow bird access to the property, the keyhole opening allows birds to access the fence from up close. This tool is dandy for removing trees, vines, and other obstacles that have been blocking the surrogate to the property.